“We never felt alone. There was always someone we could talk with. References and referrals were unlimited, and that meant a lot to a family struggling to understand a child with a diagnosis like my son’s.”



“[The Transitional Care Team social worker] navigated the school system for us, consulted with the JGH child psychiatry team for suggestions, helped us regulate appropriate disciplinary measures, listened to our angst and insecurities, offered a reassuring presence, perspective, and validation when we felt at our absolute worst. … In the height of the crisis, when [our son] was suspended three times, I am not certain if we would have had such a successful outcome [had the Transitional Care Team not been available to us.]”



[The social worker and child care worker from the Transitional Care Team] were able to explain to the parents what we had set up for the students and what should be done at home in order to increase their child’s chance of having a successful reintegration. This was a stressful time for both the home and the school, so the Transitional Care Team’s input and support was invaluable. We all worked together: the parents, the child, the teachers and the Transitional Care Team.”



“We have appreciated the [Transitional Care Team’s] school visits, classroom observations, and the collaboration. The continuous feedback also provides a message to parents that continuity and follow-up is integral to maintaining positive behavioural change and the best opportunity for success in school.”

School Psychologist