Case example: IEPs

N.B. IEP stands for “Individualized Education Plan.” An IEP is put into place to adapt to the individual needs of a child, addressing limitations and possible interventions. In Quebec, IEPs also address behaviour, social life and family life in addition to academic performance.

One of our children had an extensive IEP written by the school’s teachers and school psychologist who had worked with him. Recommendations for a speech therapist and one-on-one teaching assistance were implemented where possible. The parents however, were very frustrated due to their child’s lack of progress.

Convening a meeting with the school principal, teachers and psychologist to explain in detail the IEP, and to account for what was feasible in terms of the requested services within the public sector was attempted. In their son’s case he needed more services than the school was able to provide. Understanding this helped the parents to initiate private services to shore up the gaps in the system’s recommendations.


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