Case example: medication

Many parents worry about the consequences of long term use of medication on their child’s growing body and mind. In one case it had been suggested to parents, by the treating team at the Jewish General Hospital, that their child be placed on Ritalin to see if his impulsive behaviour could be reduced.

The parents preferred to try an organic based program for help and turned to using Omega 3 supplements. Over a period of several months this seemed to have little benefit in helping their son’s impulsive, disruptive behaviour. Though a bright child, he was not able to keep up with the class work, affecting his self-esteem. It had also been suggested by the school he not join his class on school outings due to this behaviour.

In our work together we continued to look at options for their child, and to discuss the parents’ views and reasoning. After much careful thought and research, the parents agreed to try the Ritalin. Their son was helped while we followed him, as his focus improved, and with time he was able to attend class outings.


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